Restaurant menu
Dining at Ombra in Esperas Santorini hotel gives you an exclusive view of the famous Santorini sunset while feasting on Greek cuisine based on the freshest local ingredients.
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Restaurant menu

Mediterranean Cuisine

Please inform you waiter of any allergies. Our dishes may include nuts, gluten, dairy and shellfish.

Our menu pays tribute to Mediterranean cuisine, the traditions of Santorini, and the unique ingredients of Greece. Our chef showcases local ingredients in all dishes and preparations.

Ombra Dinner

Summer dinner menu

  • Fresh bread basket
    Freshly baked artisanal bread
  • White eggplant
    spread pine nuts, baked cherry tomatoes
  • Taramasalata
    beet, fennel, scallion
  • Fava
    raisins, ginger, capers
  • Greek salad
    cherry tomatoes, aged feta, seasonal vegetables, samphire, rusks
  • Spinach salad
    goat cream cheese, anise, honey vinaigrette
  • Lentils and cracked wheat salad
    grapes, celery, pickled mushrooms, mint
  • Crispy goat cheese
    fig marmalade, seasonal salad
  • Shrimp saganaki
    Shrimp saganaki
  • Marinated sea bass
    in citrus fruit juice, coriander, spicy peppers
  • Calamari
    grilled, ink jus, seaside herbs, roe
  • Souvlaki Esperas
    honey glazed lamb, yoghurt, baked cherry tomatoes
  • Tomato Risotto
    baked cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, marjoram
  • Seafood orzo
    shrimp, calamari, mussels, saffron, basil
  • Sea bass
    zucchini puree, cracked wheat, verbena
  • Sea bream
    breadcrumb crust, cherry tomatoes, olive cream, lime & curry sauce
  • Beef brisket
    slow-cooked (24hr), sweet potato puree, mushrooms, Vinsanto sauce
  • Honey glazed
    lamb eggplant cream, tomato marmalade, roasted onion, Naxos cheese
  • Ribeye steak
    baked potatoes, rosemary, mushrooms, red wine reduction
  • Yoghurt cream
    marinated apricots, crumble, sour cherry sorbet
  • Walnut brownie
    Mastiha ice cream, sour cherries, chocolate syrup
  • Chocolate cream
    orange, candied hazelnuts, fleur de lait ice cream

Please inform you waiter of any allergies. Our dishes may include nuts, gluten, dairy and shellfish.


Seafood holds a proud spot on our menus, as our fresh sea bass fillet or cod are strong favorites of our guests. If you prefer “turf”, our famous slow-cooked lamb shank and our Angus steak are highly recommended.


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